5 Business Tools I Depend on Daily

Here are my top 5 must haves to stay on top of my daily game:

  1. Gmail – I get it. BORING! But who doesn’t live and die by email these days? Not only is it my lifeline to clients, it is my ENTIRE FILING SYSTEM. I have read so many arguments against email folders over the years, but I disagree. I have a folder for ever business I work with, and everything we send to each other gets saved. I can recall links, graphics, instructions, and questions in a snap.
  2. MailChimp – While we are on email, this is the platform I use for all of my mass email correspondence. Lists are easy to maintain. Formatting is a cinch. Tracking is effortless. Want to receive my emails? Sign up here!
  3. Redbooth – If you have a team (whether there are 2 of you or 2,000) YOU NEED A SHARED PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL! This one is easy to manage, dependable, and can be tailored to your team. Pro tip: plan your categories and sub folders ahead of time and open old tasks and update before creating new ones to keep a continuous line of information by client, project, or department.
  4. Canva – First, let me say that your online graphics can make you or break you. Your logo, branding, and image messaging are KEY, and I HIGHLY recommend investing in a strong graphic designer. A tool like canva is nice for formatting your photos and messaging for social shares.
  5. Google Calendar – Yes, I am obvs a HUGE fan of Google and even use a Chromebook and android phone and have everything synced up. My calendar is my time management go to (I am pretty organized as it is). It is nice to be able to get a glimpse of my day with a snapshot of my Redbooth tasks attached so that I can see the personal and professional points I need to hit at a glance.

Honorable Mentions: Landscape by Sprout (quick graphic resizing for most platforms), Screencastify (light weight screen recorder for tutorials and newsletter videos), and I swear by the Social Media Examiner website and Ann Handley’s newsletter.

Tools I do not use: A social media scheduler (GASP!) – I am a consultant and my freelance work is restricted to my clients’ campaign needs, so I (generally) only post when they need me too. This will be changing soon as I will be adding to my consulting and freelancing role, so stay tuned. I will let you know where I land on a scheduler.

I’ll revisit some of these tools in more depth at another time, and, remember, you can always contact us for one-on-one or group classes or speaking engagements.